Brian David Hall

Agency Optimization


Oh wow, thanks for clicking through 😊. Before I talk about myself, let me share my assumptions about who you are:

You work hard. You care about people, especially your clients. And you know it’s possible to serve your existing clients better, and serve more of them - maybe lots more. But time is short, chaos intrudes, projects spin out of control and the hours you should spend growing your business and expanding your skillset end up being eaten up by getting things done.

If that’s you, I’m sympathetic. And I think I can help.

I started my career as a teacher. I love it; so much leverage. Show someone how to do something they previously didn’t know how to do and boom 💥, you’ve changed the world.

Teaching in Korea

After years of teaching, I gravitated to software engineering and marketing. I’ve launched tons of A/B tests and Conversion Rate Optimization campaigns for companies you’ve totally heard of before. Some were pretty valuable.

These days I mostly focus on training over hands-on CRO services. (Could you offer A/B test and conversion optimization as a value add to your existing clients? Mayyyyybe … wanna talk about it?)

From website optimization I moved to process optimization - helping agencies deliver better results with fewer resources, making sure training and onboarding prepare employees and contractors to excel at their jobs, salvaging projects and client relationships that are in the danger zone.

This is the most satisfying work I can imagine. Giving agency owners the time and freedom to grow their businesses, while giving their employees more structure, clearer direction, and the ability to focus on using their talents to bring value to clients instead of spending their days mired in confusion … this is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Since I have a technical background, I typically start off embedded in the organization - cranking out websites, analytics, campaigns, absorbing how the agency works from the inside out. Learning everybody’s strengths and struggles, so we can collaborate to get the most from the strengths, and address the struggles head on.

If your agency is stuck, if your projects are stalled, if you’re spending more time smoothing over client relationships than you spend building new ones, let’s talk.